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Quality Control at UCL Genomics

UCL Genomics offers a wide range of instruments for sample Quality Control:

  • Nanodrop
  • Qubit 3.0
  • Bioanalyser 2100
  • Tapestation 4200


Thermo Scientific Nanodrop

Based on the detection of target-specific fluorescence and allows quick quantification of nucleic acids. 

Good for: Checking the purity of nucleic acids and the presence of contaminants.


Qubit Fluorometric Quantitation

Accurately measures the concentrations of DNA, RNA and protein reported by a fluorescent dye bound to the sample. 

Good for: Accurate quantification.

Qubit at UCLG


Agilent Bioanalyser 2100 and 4200 TapeStation System

Agilent 2100: Based on the Lab-on-a-Chip technology, allowing quantification and assessing quality of DNA, RNA and proteins. The Bioanalyser software provides the DNA or RNA Integrity Number (DIN or RIN) to aid quality assessment. 

Good for: Quantification and assessing sample quality/integrity, separation and sizing.

Agilent 4200: Allows high-throughput automated sample processing for quick and reliable sample quality check using disposable Agilent ScreenTape, available for DNA, RNA and protein applications. The Tapestation provides information about the integrity of the samples generating a DNA or RNA Integrity Number. 

Good for: Quantification and assessing sample quality/integrity.

UCL Genomics can perform QC on your samples or you can access this equipment independently. Please get in contact for more information.