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Professor Gudrun Moore

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Genetic and epigenetic basis of fetal growth and other complications of pregnancy

Our group focuses on common pregnancy complications such as fetal growth restriction, prematurity and recurrent miscarriage. To facilitate this, we have collected and manage a large pregnancy complications biobank “the Baby Biobank”, samples from which are available to all researchers on request.

Main funding: MRC, Newlife, BBB funding from Researchers and Pharma

Our main research areas are:

1) Complications of pregnancy

Genetic and epigenetic causes of fetal growth restriction including Silver Russell syndrome; Understanding recurrent miscarriage and prematurity; Management of the Baby Bio Bank (BBB) resource and supportive analytical studies.

2) Rare syndromes

Investigating SCAR20 disease and Lenz-Majewski syndrome with a view to improved characterisation, diagnosis and the development of novel therapies.

3) Birth defects

Investigating the genetic basis for the common midline defects, cleft lip and palate, spina bifida and anencephaly.