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Neurogenetics Collaborators

We have strong local collaborations with the Institute of Neurology (Professor Dimitiri Kullmann, Dr Stephanie Schorge, Professor Henry Houlden), Institute for Women's Health Dr Simon Waddington), School of Pharmacy (Professor Rob Harvey, Dr Arnaud Ruiz, Dr Ahad Rahim), and Birkbeck College (Dr Maya Topf), with whom we undertake electrophysiological characterisation, gene therapy strategies, high throughput drug screening and homology modelling studies. 

Professor Dimitri KullmanUCL Institute of Neurology
Dr Stephanie SchorgeUCL Institute of Neurology
Professor Henry HouldenUCL Institute of Neurology
Dr Simon WaddingtonUCL Institute for Women's Health
Professor Rob HarveyUCL School of Pharmacy
Dr Arnaud RuizUCL School of Pharmacy
Dr Ahad RahimUCL School of Pharmacy
Dr Maya TopfBirkbeck College