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Neil Sebire's Research Group

Investigating fetal, infant and child death

Postmortem microCT imaging of a fetal heart and lungs

The work is focused broadly on investigating mechanisms leading to fetal, infant and paediatric deaths and utilising novel approaches to make the investigation of such deaths more acceptable to parents, including novel methods of post-mortem and tissue imaging.  The unit has extensive experience in studies of stillbirth, fetal abnormality, placental complications of pregnancy, including gestational trophoblastic disease, and sudden unexpected death in infancy and childhood and has an international reputation in these areas.

Evaluating tissue regeneration and repair

Histological section of a fetal kidney demonstrating cystic dysplasia

In addition, we provide histopathology expertise and support for a range of research studies across GOSH/ICH and beyond, particularly regarding assessment of stem cell and regenerative medicine approaches to tissue and organ repair.

We offer laboratory and interpretive support for all aspects of tissue based investigation including processing, sectioning, staining, immunostaining and evaluation of histological sections. 

Postmortem MRI scan of a fetus demonstrating excellent anatomical visualisation with no contrast

MicroCT image of a mouse embyro of around 6mm size demonstrating outstanding anatomical visualisation