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Novel Engineering Approaches in gdT Cells

Principal Investigator, Dr Jonathan Fisher


My team investigates novel engineering approaches in gdT cells.  By harnessing and enhancing their innate anti-cancer properties, we hope to improve their efficacy against a range of tumour types.  Focusing on the immunological mechanics has been particularly rewarding as it has allowed us to develop local and international collaborations with colleagues investigating both solid and haematological malignancies in children and adults, rather than being restricted to a single disease type.

The evolution of higher parameter single-cell analysis is facilitating greater understanding of the interplay between cancer and the immune system, and there is an increasing expectation that novel technologies are firmly grounded in mechanistic analysis.  It is increasingly necessary to be able to demonstrate not only whether an immunotherapeutic works, but also how, so that bottlenecks and barriers can be overcome at the preclinical stage. 

The mechanistic techniques used in my laboratory help to address some of these issues.  By dissecting the cellular events that underpin the activity of immunotherapeutics, we can create novel means of overcoming bottlenecks and increase the chances of a novel therapy working in the clinic.



Clinical Applications of Cell & Gene Therapy – Module co-director


Group members

Dr Daniel Fowler
Research Fellow
UCL Profiles page: Daniel Fowler

Alba Southern
PhD Student
UCL Profiles page: Alba Southern

Callum Nattress
PhD Student
UCL Profiles page: Callum Nattress

Selected Publications


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