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The BD LSRII is an air-cooled multi-laser bench top flow cytometer with the ability to acquire parameters simultaneously for 17 colours.

It has four fixed-alignment lasers: 355 nm (2 colours), 405 nm (6 colours), 488 nm (6 colours), and 633 nm (3 colours). Light is collected by fiber optics and directed to user-configurable octagon and trigon detector arrays.

We have two configurations ready to use on the instrument:

(this configuartion shows an exhaustive list of most fluorochromes that can be used on LSRII)


The LSRII is a very flexible flow cytometer. Any fluorochromes excited by any of the four above lasers can be used on this instrument.

As our LSRII is fitted with a violet laser it can detect up to 5 brilliant-violet dyes off the violet laser. We can also swap filters to accommodate different combinations of these dyes.

With its true UV laser (355 nm), it can make use of DAPI, Hoechst, and Indo-1 for viability, live cell cycle/Hoechst SP, and calcium flux respectively, and the BUV dyes.

The red laser extends LSRII capability by allowing the use of Alexa Fluor 700 or an equivalent fluorochrome, in combination with APC and APCCy7.

LSRII is also a very fast instrument; up to 20,000 events per sec can be achieved.