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Dr Marta Barisa

Dr Marta Barisa

Senior Research Fellow

Developmental Biology & Cancer Dept

UCL GOS Institute of Child Health

Joined UCL
1st Aug 2018

Research summary

I work with the Anderson Experimental Paediatric Oncology Research Group and Fisher Allogeneic Immunotherapy Research Group at the Zayed Centre of UCL GOS ICH. 

I specialise in cancer immunotherapy development, with a particular interest in paediatric solid tumours. The solid tumour microenvironment remains a major obstacle to achieving therapeutic success. Our work focuses on evaluating different ways to target and re-polarise the solid tumour microenvironment, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, checkpoint blockade and antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity. We then target this modulated tumour microenvironment with in-house designed gene-engineered cell therapies that include autologous chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-αβT cells and allogeneic CAR- or opsonin secreting (OPS)-γδT cells. Our aim is to build complete pre-clinical data packages of solid tumour-targeting cell therapy combinatorial approaches for rapid translation into clinic. 

Our work ranges from early-to-late stage cell therapy drug development, including: (i) gene engineering construct design, (ii) transduction process optimisations, (iii) cell signalling analysis, (iv) in vivo combination therapy modelling, and (v) scale-ups of both viral and cell therapy product manufacture. Our work is funded by a range of academic and charity grants, as well as the UCL Technology Fund. 

Teaching summary


MSc Cell and Gene Therapy - University College London

Cell Therapy DevelopmentBRC Summer Programme & Studentships


MSc Cell and Gene Therapy - University College London


University College London, London, UK

  • PhD, Molecular Aspects of Immunotherapy Design; Child Health Research Appeal Trust scholarship and John Lipscombe Memorial Award
  • MSc

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA, USA

  • Visiting Scholarship

St George's Hospital Medical School, University of London, London, UK

  • BSc