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Research Student Recruitment


A funding bid for 6 PhD studentships is submitted to the CIO-CHR each year.  Subject to CIO approval of the bid, we advertise an open competition for studentships and selection is undertaken by a central ICH committee, chaired by the Institute Director. The successful candidates are invited to select a project from the approved portfolio.  Each year we receive between 100-150 applications of whom 24 are normally interviewed.  The majority of the shortlisted candidates have a 1st class honours degrees from top ranking research universities.

ADVERT An advertisement is placed on the jobs.ac.uk and FindAPhD.com websites in mid-September with a list of the approved projects for the PhD Programme in Child Health. The advertisement is also posted on the GOS ICH PhD Studentships website.

The deadline for applications to the Institute from prospective students is late-November.

SELECTION The selection of students for the PhD Programme in Child Health Research will be by a central ICH interview panel, chaired by the Institute Director.

Principal Investigators who have other funded PhD studentships are advised to advertise via Stella Fusco, ICH Research Degrees Office. A separate interview panel should be convened which can include a member of the Postgraduate Advisory Team (eg Claire Thorne (PPP) Andy Stoker (DBC), Mona Bajaj-Elliott (III), Mary Fewtrell (PPP), Hannah Mitchison GGM, Frederique Liegeois (DN)) who can help to ensure a uniformly high quality of appointees across the Institute.  The CV of the selected candidate must be forwarded to the Departmental Graduate Tutor via Stella for final approval BEFORE any offer is made.  For further information on the formal procedure to be followed when appointing full-time students to funded PhDs, please see 'Selection of Students for full-time funded PhDs'.

As potential applicants will be looking at your Section web pages it is extremely important that you ensure that these are always up-to-date.