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Introduction to Poisson Regression

07 July 2022–08 July 2022, 9:30 am–1:00 pm

This course introduces regression methods that are appropriate to analyse count or rate data. Poisson regression is used to determine associations between a count/rate outcome and a number of predictor variables. More flexible extensions of the poisson regression, quasi poisson and negative binomial regressions, are also introduced and explained.

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NOTE: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all courses will now be delivered online through a live video feed. You can expect the same level of group and individual support as you would have received in our face-to-face courses. 


When dealing with a count or rate outcome variable, basic linear regression is inappropriate as it will lead to invalid predictions. Poisson regression is an extension of the ideas used in linear regression that allows counts or rates to be validly modelled against chosen predictor variables. 

This course explores how poisson regression models are formulated, interpreted and checked using worked examples. The course also details how poisson regression can be extended when the strict assumptions are not met (introducing quasi poisson and negative binomial models). 

Please note that this course does not involve hands-on use of a statistical package, results will be given in the notes and care has been taken to ensure they are comprehensible regardless of which statistical package delegates are used to. The course assumes a basic understanding of statistical concepts such as p-values and confidence intervals.


Course fees

External Delegates (Non-UCL)£150.00
UCL Staff, Students, Alumni£75.00 *
Staff and Doctoral Students from ICH/GOSHFREE †

* Valid UCL email address and/or UCL alumni number required upon registration. Please note, this category does not include hospital staff unless you hold an official contract with the university.

† Limited free spaces available. If there are no free places remaining, Staff and Doctoral Students from ICH/GOSH can still register at the UCL rate.


Please note that no refunds will be given for non-attendance or cancellations made within 5 working days of the start of the course. For delegates attending courses on funded places, a £50 fee will be charged for late cancellation, non-attendance or partial-attendance.

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7 - 8 July 20229.30am - 1.00pm Book now 

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It's great to be taught by someone who not only enjoys the content but also enjoys sharing her knowledge. And in a way that is comprehensible, which is a skill, really! Many thanks.

Sophie was very clear and enthusiastic!

Very good presentation, clear explanation. Excellent course materials. Good answering of questions. Helpful to have examples of papers and questions to work through to test knowledge. 

Excellent, well done!

Generally an excellent course and very well taught.