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Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


‘Connecting the dots: Combining Graph Artificial Intelligence & Electronic Health Records

02 September 2021, 1:30 pm–2:30 pm

Rebecca Pope

‘Connecting the dots: Combining Graph Artificial Intelligence & Electronic Health Records to help inform clinical decision-making’

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30 Guilford Street

Imagine you’re a clinician deciding about how a patient should be treated. Should you offer them treatment X or treatment Y? Both are effective some of the time, but it’s not clear which works best and when (or perhaps, even why).

In my inaugural seminar, I will cover how advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), is helping make sense of these questions.  I will introduce our Clinical Informatics prototype, ‘GRACE’, fuelled by routinely collected electronic health records (EHRs) and (graph) AI with the aim to augment human-decision making; ultimately improving patient outcomes. Working to develop GRACE further and supervise 2 PhD students that are applying AI to healthcare problems, forms the basis of my voluntary, honorary role at PPP/ICH.

Rebecca Pope is a Clinical Neuroscientist and ‘Digital & Data Science Innovation Lead’ at Roche, using technology and data-driven approaches to help improve the lives of patients, working across the healthcare ecosystem. Before joining Roche, Rebecca was the Director of Data Science & AI at KPMG and has held data-related positions at IBM and The Health Foundation.   

Rebecca’s industry focus is the ethical application of AI to improve health and social care for all. On this topic, she is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences, has delivered a TEDx talk titled ‘How can AI help our NHS and should we be concerned?’. Rebecca was voted as one of ‘The Most Influential Women in UK Tech’ and has been a volunteer data scientist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, since 2019.

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