UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


EDI Committee

EDI Committee Members

Rosalind Smyth                                                                                                             
Director, UCL GOS Institute of Child Health
Institute Director 
Dr Philippa Mills                                                                                                           
Senior Lecturer, GGM

Professor Andrew Copp
Professor of Developmental Biology, DBC


Dr Nikhil Thapar
Senior Lecturer in Gastroenterology, DBC

Academic Representative
Serife Dervish
Deputy Institute Manager
Deputy Institute Manager
Grazia Manzotti
Library Manager
DEOLO Representative
Ludi Capelan
HR Manager
HR Manager

Katie Payne
Project Manager, Research Hospital
Joint R&D Office for GOSH/ICH

BRC Representative
Ivan Doykov
PhD Student, GGM
Student Representative
TBAStudent Representative
Dr Moritz Herle
Research Associate, PPP
Postdoc Representative
Dr Jonathan Clayden
Lecturer, DN
MADS/Carers Representative
Anna Horn
NSHPC Study Admin, PPP
Professional Services & Support Staff Representative