Prof Julian Evans

Prof Julian Evans

Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

Dept of Chemistry

Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences

Joined UCL
15th Sep 2007

Research summary

Ordered layered nanocomposites with biomimetic structures using clay or graphene platelets.

Polymers and polymer-clay/graphene nanocomposites from biomass (no-new-carbon materials).

Foam structured materials particularly with ordered arrangements.

Millimetre wave metamaterials and other lattice structures prepared by solid freeforming.

Ink-jet printing of combinatorial libraries of ceramics.

Oceanic foams for climate restoration.

Powder processing using plastic forming methods.

Teaching summary


Materials Chemistry CHEM2001

Final year Projects CHEMM901

Applicable Mathematics CHEM1602/3

Microstructural control in Materials Science CHEMG051 (from Sept. 2010)

Course director for MSc in 'Materials for Energy and Environment'

Previous teaching:

Queen Mary, University of London (1998-2007):

Materials Science I: Properties of Matter (30 hours; 1st year)

Materials Science II: Energy Concepts (30 hours; 2nd year)

Materials Science III: Kinetics of phase transformations (30 hours; 3rd year)

I participated in the introduction of Problem-based learning.

Brunel University (1984-1998)

Advanced Ceramic Science (36 hours; 3rd year)

Adhesion and Joining (25 hours; 3rd year)

Phase Transformations (36 hours 2nd year)

Phase stability of Materials(36 hours;1st year)

Materials Science (20 hours; SEP 1st year)

Selection of Materials (10 hours; SEP 2nd year)

Adhesion and Surface Science 10 hours M.Sc.)

Joining Techniques(10 hours M.Sc.)

Degradation of Adhesive joints(5 hours; M.Sc.)

University of Leeds (1982-84):

Ceramics in Civil Engineering (Subsidiary to civil engineers) (10 hours; 1st Year)


University of Bath
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy | 1977
University of Birmingham
First Degree, Bachelor of Science | 1973