Chemistry Recognised in the UCL Inclusion Awards

22 July 2021

Chemistry EDI Team were chosen as the winners of the Departmental Award for EDI Excellence in the UCL Inclusion Awards

EDI Award Trophy

UCL Inclusion Awards recognise the work or contributions that individuals or teams make to progressing equality, diversity or inclusion practice within the institution. This department award is given to a UCL department or division (including PS) that has demonstrated the most EDI commitment and impact over the past year.

The department is thrilled to be chosen the winners of this award this year. It recognises the hard work and commitment that both past and present Chemistry EDI Team members have dedicated to EDI initiatives over the last few years.

You can hear about the department's commitment to EDI and some of the initiatives introduced in a short video featuring Prof. Claire Carmalt & Dr Yang Xu produced on receiving the award. This video is available to watch via UCL Media Central.

UCL Media Central - UCL Inclusion Awards 2021 Chemistry Feature

For more information on the Awards please read the UCL Inclusion Award Winners 2021 announcement