Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

26 June 2017

3rd - 9th July 2017


We are pleased to announce that UCL Chemistry has two exhibitions running at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition this year.

The Summer Science Exhibition is an annual display of the most cutting-edge science and technology in the UK. This free, week-long festival features 22 exhibits and a series of inspiring talks and fun activities for all ages. Meet the scientists, discover the exciting research and technology they work on and have fun with great hands-on activities.

The exhibition is suitable for all ages, entry is free, no advance registration required. 

Smart Surfaces

Bacteria can be found almost everywhere; in the air, in water, in the soil and on plants and animals.  You can also find them in your house… on your clothes… and more importantly, ON YOU! Most of the time, we live in harmony with these bacteria, however, under some circumstances they can lead to infections.

In medicine, bacterial infections can be successfully treated with antibiotics, however over-use and misuse of these precious antibiotics has led to the emergence of antibiotic resistant-bacteria known as superbugs.  In a healthcare environment, bacteria on surfaces can be transmitted by touch and passed on from person-to-person as well as person-to-surface.  This spread of bacteria can pose a risk of infection.

Infections caused by superbugs are extremely difficult to treat, and thousands of people die from them each year. As antibiotics are increasingly unable to treat superbug infections an alternative strategy is required.  The focus is shifting to prevention rather than cure. Here at UCL, we are developing smart surfaces that can kill bacteria either through light or are able to self-clean to reduce our future dependence on antibiotics

Zoom for Improvement

Focuses on the use of X-ray imaging and electron microscopy to understand heterogeneous catalysts at the molecular scale. Prof. Andy Beale (UCL) and Dr Dave Willock's (Cardiff) stand will highlight how an understanding of catalysis leads to new materials, with a focus on the development of catalysts for the hydrogen economy and sustainable chemicals production.