ChemPhysSoc Talk "Gastronaut vs UCL: The Explosive Food Smackdown!"

2 October 2016

by Stefan Gates

Tuesday 4th October 2016

Talk at 6.15pm 

The first CPS Talk of the year will be given by Stefan Gates.  Stefan challenges the Great and the Good of UCL to explain his bizarre, extraordinary and explosive food demos.

Stefan performs spectacular food and science demos on TV, on YouTube and at the biggest science fairs in the country…but to his eternal shame, he's a mere English graduate.

Now he wants to pit his skills as a foodhead against you lot, by performing a series of strange and wonderful and overambitious demos, and asking if you can explain them better than he can! There’ll be robots, bizarre food tasters, rockets, vortex cannons (natch), sweets, live insects and glowing drinks. And he really does want to know what you think so that he can nick your best explanations to help make his live shows better (well, what can you expect when you’re not paying him to be there, fercryingoutloud?). Come and play!

This is most certainly not one to miss.

As ever coffee, tea and doughnuts will be served from 5:45 in the Nyholm Room The talk starts at 6:15 and once Stefan's talk has worked up your appetite Cheese, wine, beer and pizza will be served from 7:15 in the Nyholm Room.

There will also be the opportunity to become a member of the CPS if you missed the chance last week.