Postdoctoral Development

The PDRA Committee are responsible for organising events to support PDRAs and finding ways to improve the PDRA experience at UCL Chemistry.

We know the postdoc can be an overwhelming time, trying to balance research, career decisions, and often international moves, so we’re here to help. That might be helping you get involved in mentorship programmes, networking events or finding new collaborators or just by being a friendly ear to listen. Anything that will help you make the most of your time at UCL and find the right next steps for you.

We run a monthly coffee morning on the first Wednesday at every month at 10:30 and are always happy to see new faces.

If you'd like to find out more about what we do or getting involved, feel free to contact any of us by email or join our Teams channel here.

PDRA Committee
Name DatesProfile

Rebecca Ingle

Rebecca Ingle

PDRA Tutor – Researcher in ultrafast optical and X-ray spectroscopy. 

Sandra Gómez

Sandra Gomez


2019-PDRA researcher in Computational Chemistry with strong interest in photophysics and dynamics

Adam Clancy

Adam Clancy
2018-Ramsay Fellow

Lily Ellis-Gibbings

Lily Ellis-Gibbings
2019-PDRA researcher in physical chemistry

Natalie Barnes

Natalie Barnes
2019-PDRA researcher in organic chemistry