Rui Tang - MSc Materials for Energy and Environment

I benefit a lot from the weekly seminar/ talk listening to the top researchers talk about their research which always inspires me in different ways...

Rui Tang

17 October 2019

What is your educational background?

I completed my undergraduate degree in materials engineering in Beijing, China. 

What are your motivations for pursuing a graduate-level qualification?

I am pursuing a career in materials science or engineering, so it is essential that I have a strong educational background. And having a graduate-level education helps me deepen my knowledge and research skills.

Why did you apply to UCL for graduate study?

Because UCL is a world-class university which enjoys a high academic reputation. I want to study with inspiring people and contact with frontier ideas. The setting of the programme, a full year combining teaching and research, is exactly what I want.

What is the best thing about your course?

The brilliant people I met on the course and during the research. They always come up with exciting ideas which inspires me a lot. The atmosphere of learning is also supportive, so I do not need to worry about making mistakes and feel safe and free to sharing my thoughts and asking questions.

What do you find interesting about your field of study and what inspires you?

Materials science is such an important area in every aspect of our lives. It gives me a new perspective of advanced properties, technologies and applications of various of materials. As my background is engineering, it complements my knowledge in a more detailed and micro-level manner. With the depth of my study and research increase, I get more and more interest in this area and am aware of how much I still need to learn, which always inspires me to dig deeper. The top researchers in this field also motivates me to keep growing and sharpen my skills.

Do you think studying at UCL Chemistry is a good investment?

Absolutely. They have the best facilities and staffs. I benefit a lot from the weekly seminar/ talk listening to the top researchers talk about their research which always inspires me in different ways.

What is it like studying in London and how do you think it has benefited your studies?

Studying in London is one of my initially reasons to apply UCL. London is absolutely a big and international city. What benefit my studies the most is the abundant opportunities that London provides. I have the chance to get contact with brilliant people from all over the world, listen to different ideas and gain plenty of academic resources.

What are your career plans once you’ve completed your current programme of study at UCL? 

I will take a year in industry first and would like to undertake a PhD afterwards.

Is there anything else you would like to say about your time at UCL Chemistry?

I really enjoy the time studying in UCL Chemistry. Here I have supportive staffs who always willing and ready to help students to push an extra mile, events of both academic and non-academic to widen my expertise while letting me feel warm and cared. Quality teaching and resources help me learning and challenging myself everyday. It is absolutely the best experience I have ever had.