Elena Georgiou - MSc Applied Analytical Chemistry

I have really enjoyed the analytical strategies course where I was able to enhance my transferable skills and critical thinking and apply my knowledge...

Elena Georgiou

17 October 2019

What is your educational background?

Following my undergraduate studies, studying a BSc in Chemistry at University of Reading (2017), I applied for the MSc Applied Analytical Chemistry course at UCL which I then completed in September 2018. I am currently working as a Research assistant at Professor Howorka lab (UCL Department of Chemistry (2019))

What are your motivations for pursuing a graduate-level qualification?

I have always been interested in exploring big questions as well as Integrating conflicting insights from alternative disciplines. My motivation to apply for the MSc AAC was to gain insight on modern and classical analytical techniques, as well as upgrade my practical skills to pursue a career in analytical sciences, or for further studies at a PhD level.   

Why did you apply to UCL for graduate study?

UCL is an outstanding university with a great reputation and it is located to the heart of London providing excellent opportunities for its students. I had the opportunity to interact with academics of international repute. The MSc in AAC was the perfect fit for me as it was combining self-directed learning as well as gaining knowledge to different areas of analytical chemistry using high-tech facilities.

What is the best thing about your course?

I have really enjoyed the analytical strategies course where I was able to enhance my transferable skills and critical thinking and apply my knowledge from the construction of an analytical device to the development of more efficient diagnostic tools for targeting diseases immediately and accurately. Through coding I have developed a certain mindset on approaching problems and processing large amounts of information that is necessary with conquering any new topic. 

What do you find interesting about your field of study and what inspires you?

The interdisciplinary approach to learning. Chemistry is a field which is advancing quickly and allows you to specialise to a specific field ranking from chemical biology to analytical chemistry. My main inspiration is my surrounding peers and supervisor which they showed me how exciting and demanding research can be.

Do you think studying at UCL Chemistry is a good investment?

Being educated by one of the best universities in the world it is a valuable investment. Having the privilege to be part of the faculty of Mathematical and physical sciences will allow you to gain loads of valuable skills, opportunities and collaborations.

What is it like studying in London and how do you think it has benefited your studies?

London is a vibrant city with many interesting activities to do. Studying in London gave me the opportunity to attend talks from leading experts in our field which inspired me to continue further in any way. Living in London improves your way of thinking and education. Meeting other students from all over the world coming from different disciplines allows you to share ideas and knowledge.

What are your career plans once you’ve completed your current programme of study at UCL? 

Throughout the course I had the opportunity to choose my research project within the field of DNA nanotechnology. From this, I was inspired to continue in research, and I have accepted a PhD studentship on the prestigious London Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme (LIDo).

Is there anything else you would like to say about your time at UCL Chemistry?

The Analytical Chemistry course gave me the opportunity to make a lot of unique friends from different cultures and backgrounds and I really enjoyed the time I spent with them, both in labs and outside. I feel very proud that I was one of the first students of this new course and I highly recommend it to all students who want to gain an exceptional experience in analytical chemistry and at the same time explore London.