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Chemical engineering research integrated with basic science, offers great potential for bringing essential understanding and innovative technological solutions to the challenges of the future.

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Course information 

The usual duration of a PhD degree at UCL is three calendar years full-time with students initially registered for the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree. 

The progress of each student will be monitored and reviewed according to the guidance established by the UCL Graduate School, and transfer for registration from the MPhil to a PhD is conditional on satisfactory academic performance. 

All first-year students will be encouraged to attend the Skills Development programme offered by the UCL Graduate School.

After a period of 12 months from first registration, research students will be assessed for their suitability for transfer of their registration to the PhD degree. This is done via examination of a 20 000 words MPhil Transfer thesis. Registration is usually retrospective to the start of their original MPhil programme.

Recruitment and selection process

Below is some more information about the departments recruitment and selection process.

  1. PhD roles to be advertised for at least 14 days.
  2. At the end of the advertising period, candidate shortlisting is to be done by at least two members of the interviewing panel. Applications to be considered must have been submitted to UCL Select.
  3. The interviewing panel should include 3 (or more) members with a gender split of a least 25% (i.e. 25/75 up to 75/25 male/female).
  4. All panel members must have done the recruitment training.
  5. The panel must include the primary supervisor.
  6. Appeals will only be possible on the grounds that the published recruitment/selection process was not followed, and cannot be made based on academic selection or academic judgement.
  7. Applicants wishing to discuss their application should email chemeng-phdenquiries@ucl.ac.uk.

The above rules apply only to prospective students applying for an advertised position. For self-funded students, please contact your prospective supervisor with your CV.

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