UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Vidal Bharath

Teaching Fellow and Post Doctoral Research

Vidal received his MSc and BEng degrees in Process and Chemical Engineering respectively from University College London. His main research interests are in the renewable energy field and specifically fuel cells; he is currently completing his PhD at the Electrochemical Innovation Lab (www.ucl.ac.uk/eil)


PhD Research project

Title: The application of a bulk acoustic wave resonator as an in-situ sensor for visco-elastic operation

Supervisors: Prof Dan Brett and Dr George Manos

Vidal’s research encompasses the development and application of sensitive crystal microbalances for use in a range of high temperature and pressure (harsh) visco-elastic environments.

His primary focus is on fuel cell technology and specifically the characterisation of a novel alkaline anion exchange membrane. He is also involved in the development of another in-situ microbalance as a feedback / early stage warning system for transition oil pipeline fouling detection.

Research interests

  • Renewable Energy – specifically fuel cell and battery interfacial studies
  • Bulk acoustic Wave Resonators
  • Electrochemistry
  • Oil pipeline fouling deposition and interfacial analysis
  • Engineering education

Teaching interests

Vidal’s teaching embroils the integration and delivery of both traditional and novel chemical engineering experiments into core modules across all years of study. His involvement also spans several other courses and includes development of innovative ways to practically compound the theory taught in the class room.

Vidal is an active STEM ambassador, alongside his research and teaching duties, he has co-founded the UCell fuel cells public engagement team (www.ucl.ac.uk/UCell). Through outreach at schools and other events, he creates public awareness of renewable energy through technology demonstrations and discussions.


MSc in Process Engineering, UCL, 2012
BEng in Chemical Engineering, UCL, 2010


UCL Provost's Engineering Engager of the Year 2015 (runner up)
IChemE Education and Training global award 2015 (shortlisted - pending)
UCL Public Engager of the Year 2014 (shortlisted)

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