UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Michaela Pollock

Teaching Fellow and Post Doctoral Research


Work Experience

  • Cryogenic Air Separation
  • Adsorption processes for air purification and treatment of syngas

At Air Products Dr Pollock performed process simulations of cryogenic air separation plants producing designs that optimised production and power subject to design constraints for different operating modes. She worked within R&D, challenging design parameters of adsorption processes for air purification through the development and analysis experiments and evaluated adsorption processes for syngas treatment

Research interests

  • Molecular equations of state applied to strongly associating systems
  • Adsorption processes
  • Innovative mitigation technologies to tackle climate change

Teaching interests

Dr Pollock is currently involved in the development of the curriculum for the Chemical Engineering Plant Design I module. She is keen to incorporate knowledge gained from industrial experience in process engineering design and R&D roles to deliver an exciting and engaging course that will prepare future engineers for a variety of roles in industry and business.

CENG3006 Chemical Engineering Plant Design I


PhD in Chemical Engineering, Imperial College (2008)
MEng in Chemical Engineering with Study Abroad, Imperial College, study abroad at RWTH Aachen


1st Prize, Fluids Separations Subject Group Symposium, IChemE, (2007)
1st Prize, PhD Research Symposium, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College, (2007)
Ken Weale Prize, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College, (2004)

Professional Affiliations

CEng, MIChemE
IChemE Surrey Member’s Group committee member

Publications (IRIS)

Malik, N. U. H., Gibbon, S. J., Alvani, R., Pollock, M. and Kleinberg, W. T., (2015), “Vertical Baffle in Horizontal Adsorber Vessels”, Singapore Patent 192772

Golden, C. T., Kalbassi, M. A., Raiswell, C. J., Waweru, C. and Pollock, M., (2014), “Purification of Air”, US Patent, US 8,734,571 B2

Pollock, M. Adjiman, C. S., Galindo, A., Jackson, G. and Filipe, E. J. M., (2009), “Integrated Modeling of Mixture Fluid Phase Equilibrium Experiments Using SAFT-VR Applied to Xenon + Diborane, Xenon + Cyclopropane, Xenon + Boron Trifluoride”, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 48, 2188