UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Veselina Marinova

Veselina moved to the UK in 2011 to study Chmeistry at the University of Edinburgh. She spent one year of her degree working in industry on delveloping oil additives for hydraulic pumps. After her industrial experience, she returned to Edinburgh to finish her degree. Her Master Thesis project was based on the study of magnetic materials with low dimational periodic structural fragments. Veselina graduated from The University of Edinburgh in 2016 with first class honours degree in Materials Chemistry. 

Veselina started her PhD in Chemical Engineering at UCL in June 2016.

Research project

Title: Crystal Growth of Active Pharmaseutical Ingredients

Crystallisation is a very important step in the pharmaseutical indursty as a separation process and is the final step of the matifacture of active pharmaseutical ingredients. The crystal shape of the APIs is important because it can have an impact on the filtration process. For such reason it is important to be able to predict the shape of a crystal depending on the polarity of the solvent. In my project I use Molecular Dynamics along with different enhanced sampling techniques to study the crystal growth of APIs.


Mchem in Chemistry with Materials Chemistry and Industrial Experience, The University of Edinburgh, 2016