UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Ozgur Yazaydin

Professor of Chemical Engineering

Ozgur Yazaydin


2018 - Present

Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University College London, London, UK


Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering, University College London, London, UK

Teaching Summary 

CENG0004 - Thermodynamics
CENG0027 - Molecular Thermodynamics

Research Summary

My principal research activities focus on the multiscale modelling and computational design of nanostructured materials for applications in the areas of energy and the environment. My research involves different types of materials, including traditional ones, such as zeolites, activated carbons, clay minerals and materials that form organic part of shales; i.e. kerogen, as well as contemporary materials, such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), graphene and polymers of intrinsic porosity. Typical applications I have worked on include chemical separations, water purification, carbon capture & sequestration, enhanced oil recovery, gas storage and transport in porous materials. In conducting my research, I employ a multi-scale modelling approach which combines classical force field based molecular simulations, density functional theory calculations as well as coarse grained modelling. Moreover, I develop new methodologies to estimate material properties and model transport processes in porous media with improved accuracy.



Engineering Faculty Education Award in the Assessment and Feedback category



PhD, Chemical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, United States


MSc, Chemical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Turkey


BSc, Chemical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Professional Affiliations  

  • MIChemE – member of IChemE
  • FHEA – member of HEA


  • Yu, K.B., Bowers G.M., Yazaydin, A. O.*; "Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Enhanced Natural Gas Recovery from Kerogen Micropores", Journal of CO2 Utilization, 2022, 62, 102105.

  • Ozcan, A., Semino, R., Maurin, G., Yazaydin, A. O.*; "Modelling of Gas Transport through Polymer/MOF Interfaces: A Microsecond-Scale Concentration Gradient-Driven Molecular Dynamics Study", Chemistry of Materials, 2020, 32, 1288-1296.

  • Akpinar, I., Yazaydin, A.O.*, "Adsorption of Atrazine from Water in Metal Organic Framework Materials", Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 2018, 63, 2368-2375.

  • Ozcan, A., Perego, C., Salvalaglio, M., Parrinello, M., Yazaydin, O.*; "Concentration gradient driven molecular dynamics: a new method for simulations of membrane permeation and separation", Chemical Science, 2017, 8, 3858–3865.

  • Farha, O.K., Eryazici, E., Jeong, N.K., Hauser, B.G., Wilmer, C.E., Sarjeant, A.A., Snurr, R.Q., Nguyen, S.T., Yazaydın, A. Ö.*, Hupp, J.T.*, "Metal−Organic Framework Materials with Ultrahigh Surface Areas: Is the Sky the Limit?", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2012, 134, 15016-15021.

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