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Marcello Sega

Associate Professor of Molecular Thermodynamics

Marcello Sega


Marcello Sega joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCL in 2022 and is currently Associate Professor in Molecular Thermodynamics. Before joining UCL, he has been a research scientist at the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen Nuremberg, University Assistant and Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Vienna. He is board member of the European Molecular Liquids Group.

Teaching Summary 

I am particularly interested in interactive teaching techniques and learning-by-doing, where hands-on sessions and theory go hand in hand. I have a long-standing experience in teaching computational approaches for Physicists and Chemical and Biochemical Engineers. At UCL I am teaching Data Driven Process Engineering, where machine learning approaches are used to analyse, simplify and optimise chemical processes.

Research Summary

My research focuses on the properties of liquids, from simple to complex ones, including biological systems, with particular emphasis on interfaces. I develop and make intensive use of advanced simulation approaches, both at the atomistic and at the mesoscopic level, including lattice-Boltzmann methods, computational geometry approaches for the characterisation of interfacial properties, and machine learning techniques for the derivation of ab-initio-grade potentials.



PhD Physics, University of Trento, Italy


MSc Physics, University of Trento, Italy


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