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Dina Kamel

Lecturer (Teaching)

Dina Kamel


Dina Kamel is a Lecturer (Teaching) in Chemical Engineering department at UCL since August 2022. Prior to joining UCL I have been teaching in QMUL for 9 months. My latest research role was a reseach associate (post doc.) at Lancaster University during 2020. In the period between 2016 and 2020, I was working as a Lecturer in the British University in Egypt in the Chemical Engineering department which is accreditated by London Southbank University.

Teaching Summary 

I am passoinate about designing the chemical plants and expolring different routes for the same process, to select the most sustainable, safe and economic path. My role in Process Plant Design Project (CENG0016) is to supervise and guide the students through their journey for delivering an optimum process, while applying several transferable skills from their previous studies.

Research Summary

My research focuses on the design, analysis and optimisation of chemical process using computional tools specifically Aspen PLUS, Aspen HYSYS. Which support my role here in UCL as a team member in the design project for 3rd year students.
In my latest research position, I developed an Aspen PLUS model for the production of renewable marine fuel from salmon oil waste. Additionally, I use energy and mass integeration tools for optimising different processes.



PhD, Chemical (Process) Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt


MSc, Chemical (Process) Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt


BSc, Chemical Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt

Professional Affiliations  

  • Affliate member of IChemE


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  • Sherif, N., Gadalla, M. Kamel, D.,2021, Acid–hydrolysed furfural production from rice straw bio-waste: Process
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  • Kamel.D,Gadalla .M, Ashour.F, Analysis and revamping of heat exchanger networks for crude oil refineries using
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