UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Best Poster Prize ChemEngDayUK 2021

27 May 2021

ChemengDayUK2021 winning poster by Yiota Victoria Phakoukaki

ChemEngDayUK 2021 was held virtually this year and organised by the university of Bradford (7-8 April 2021). The Best Poster prize was given to the UCL poster by Yiota Victoria Phakoukaki and Professor Panagiota Angeli with title 'Continuous/Intensified solvent extraction of biomolecules using hydrophobic ionic liquids' (PDF). The poster presents a double process intensification of conventional liquid-liquid extraction. Volatile organic solvents are replaced by novel hydrophobic ionic liquids and traditional mixers-settler units by a small scale two-phase system for the extraction of amino-acids. Link to the official website and poster is available at the University of Bradford website