UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Xavier Rosas Advincula wins Engineering Faculty Undergraduate Scholarships for Excellence 2019/20

17 September 2020

We are very proud to announce that Xavier Rosas Advincula has won the Engineering Faculty Undergraduate Scholarships for Excellence 2019/20, worth £3,000, based on his performance in his second year of studies.

Xavier Rosas Advincula

The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic excellence and goes to one student from the Faculty in either Year 1 or in Year 2 of their undergraduate studies.
Xavier has finished his second year with an exceptionally strong performance, and with one of the highest averages that the department has seen in the last decades. Xavier's performance in the core disciplinary modules has clearly demonstrated his engineering abilities and his understanding of engineering fundamentals. He has displayed a particular understanding of the required considerations for health & safety, which is core to the chemical engineering discipline, and he has been able to very clearly defend his design decisions on this basis both orally and in written work.
Xavier has also displayed an outstanding technical performance in the four Scenarios in the second year, which are the cornerstones of UCL’s Integrated Engineering Programme. His ability to quickly identify the real underlying questions in the description of the open-ended and complex problems which were set as scenario tasks, has been truly remarkable, as is the way he has worked and interacted with his teams.
Congratulations to Xavier, we are very proud of you!