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Baldassarre Venezia and Oscar Williams win awards at UCL-PKU Symposium

24 October 2018

On 5-7 September 2018, a symposium was hosted by UCL and Peking University (PKU) on Materials, Energy, and Catalysis

Baldassarre Venezia and Oscar Williams win awards at UCL-PKU Symposium on Materials, Energy, and Catalysis

Both UCL and Peking University (PKU) have a strong presence in materials innovations in those areas, as witnessed by numerous academic papers in high-end journals, key patents in new technologies and many spin-off companies stepping into the market. Both have cultivated generations of young scientists that lead the future of research in chemistry and engineering around the world. 

The symposium provided a platform for concerted and focused collaborations between the two institutions. 

Key researchers included UCL Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and PKU Chemistry and Engineering.

At the UCL-PKU symposium, UCL Chemical Engineering showcased their research and won two prizes. 

The prize winners included:

Best Poster Prize Winner: PhD student Baldassarre Venezia for his poster titled: "Aerobic Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol in a Au-Pd/TiO2 Catalyst Slurry Reactor with Oxygen Delivery via a Tubular Membrane"

Best Oral Presentation Winner: PhD student Oscar Williams for his presentation talk titled: "Observing the wanderings of gold atoms: A scanning tunnelling microscopy investigation."