UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


School visits in Lebanon

30 April 2015

Dina Ibrahim in Lebanon

During April UCell went international for the first time with a visit to Lebanon. Dina Ibrahim went back to her home country and delivered a demonstration and discussion on hydrogen technologies to undergraduate Chemical Engineering students at the American University of Beirut and Lebanese Baccalaureate students at two schools in her hometown. Using the demo kit, students were able to understand the concept of the system and engage well especially when running the fuel cell car using electricity produced from hydrogen.
Dina had the opportunity to meet motivated young students specialising in chemical engineering as well as some of her professors and lecturers from her old college and schools.  They discussed the impact of fuel cells and green energy in promoting a sustainable future. She received great feedback from the students and lecturers involved in the demonstrations.  Hopefully, this will be just the beginning for UCell International! Stay posted where our next stop will be and join us!