UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Hakim Guessous, MSc Graduate 2016


After completing my BSc in Chemistry I wanted to transition into Chemical Engineering and found the MSc course offered by UCL to be particularly attractive. UCL has an excellent reputation and the course is accredited by IChemE allowing graduates to pursue chartership later in their careers. The lecturers are experts in their fields, were happy to help students, and taught with energy.

Having come from a scientific background I selected the Advance Design Project where I worked on a team of seven students to design a styrene monomer plant. The project was split into two major parts. Part one covered the creation of the plant from the literature review, process design and lastly the mechanical design. Part two of the project had students complete a plant safety analysis; for this I looked into heavy gas release scenarios. I found this course to be especially useful: it teaches multiple pieces of software used in industry, covers aspects of business strategy as well as engineering, and it is structured to reflect a real world contracting environment.

The taught modules were varied and interesting; they covered a lot of topics and provided a good understanding of the field. For my optional modules I selected Project Management, Advance Process Engineering, and Environmental Systems and found all of them to be worthwhile.

My time in UCL was both challenging and rewarding. I have no doubt that what I have learnt during this time will help my future career immeasurably and I will look back at this year fondly.