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Centenary Seminar: The Scale-up and Commercialization of some Advanced Battery Technologies

15 May 2024, 3:00 pm–5:00 pm

Jerry Barker

Join our upcoming Centenary Seminar: The Scale-up and Commercialization of some Advanced Battery Technologies, presented by Dr Jerry Barker, CEO and Founder, Redoxion Limited.

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Melania Torok, Executive Assistant – UCL Chemical Engineering


Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre G06
Roberts Building
University College London, Torrington Place
United Kingdom


A review of the successful commercialization of several advanced battery technologies will be presented. This discussion will include details of Li-ion battery applications based on some well-known Li-CAMs, including LiFePO4, Li3V2(PO4)3, LiMn2O4 and LiVPO4F. The interest in LiFePO4 is going through something of a renaissance, and details will be provided describing the future opportunities for this active material to meet the growing global demand from various energy storage applications, including automotive.

An overview of the current commercial status of Na-ion batteries will be provided with particular emphasis given to the world-leading position of Faradion Limited. Na-ion batteries based on non-aqueous electrolytes represent an inexpensive and sustainable alternative to their Li-ion counterparts. Faradion is a UK-based company, founded in 2011, acquired by Reliance Industries Limited of India in late 2021.

Finally, an introduction to a new UK-based startup, Redoxion Limited will be provided. Redoxion is focussing on the sustainable and low-cost Li-CAM market.


To register, email Melania Torok, Executive Assistant at chemeng.ea@ucl.ac.uk

About the Speaker

Dr Jerry Barker

CEO and Founder at Redoxion Limited

Jerry Barker
Jerry Barker received his PhD in solid state electrochemistry from the University of Exeter. In his early career Jerry worked at BP and also spent time at UCSB where he collaborated and published with the Nobel prize winners Alan Heeger and Hideki Shirakawa on alkali metal doped polyacetylene. He is currently co-founder and CTO of Faradion Limited, a UK-based start-up company specializing in next generation Na-ion battery technology. Previously Jerry was Chief Scientist and Research Director at Valence Technology Inc. In May 2019, Jerry was appointed Honorary Professor within the School of Chemistry at the University of St. Andrews.

Jerry has published extensively in the energy storage area (h-index = 56, total number of citations >10,000) and is a named inventor on more than 120 issued US patents. Jerry is the inventor of a number of Na-ion and Li-ion active materials, including surface-stabilized LiMn2O4, Tavorite structured active materials, Na3V2(PO4)2F3, NaVPO4F, LiVPO4F, Li3V2(PO4)3, LiFe(Mg)PO4, as well as the Carbothermal Reduction (CTR) manufacturing method. To date, these inventions have culminated in 4 commercially successful battery enterprises and CTR is widely regarded as the benchmark, industry-standard method for the large-scale manufacture of LiFePO4.

In 2012, Jerry was awarded the IBA Technology Award for his contributions to Li-ion battery materials. He has appeared as a patent litigation expert witness in Europe and in North America. He has also acted as the due diligence technical expert for a number of VC-backed start-up companies. Jerry currently acts as an Expert Panel member for the UK’s Faraday Institution, as a Board Member of the UK Li-BATT consortium and serves on the advisory board for Australia’s storEnergy initiative.

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