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Hierarchical meso-/micro-porous zeolites: new preparation methods and new applications in catalysis

02 February 2022, 1:05 pm–2:55 pm

Dr Xiaolei Fan

We warmly invite you to our Departmental Seminar Series, with guest speaker Dr Xiaolei Fan. The first hour will focus on the talk, with the second hour dedicated to a networking session. This event is open to all students and staff.

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Dr Yang Lan and Dr Ryan Wang – UCL Chemical Engineering

Seminar abstract:

Synthetic zeolites, such as FAU Y and MFI ZSM-5 zeolites, are industrially important solid acid catalysts, especially in conventional petrochemical conversions such as fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) for producing gasoline range and gaseous (such as propylene) products. Zeolites are intrinsically microporous with pristine pores of < 1 nm. Although this is one of the important features of zeolites for various purposes such as shape/size selectivity, it imposes accessibility issues (or diffusion limitation in the framework) during application. Accordingly, various strategies are being developed and explored to enhance the rate of diffusion reactants/produces into/from the zeolites, such as post-synthesis modification methods to prepare hierarchical zeolites. In hierarchical zeolites, the pristine microporous zeolitic phase is connected by the secondary mesopores (2–50 nm), which facilitate molecular transport in the framework, as well as providing opportunity to achieve the rational design of multifunctional materials for catalysis. In this seminar, new post-synthetic strategies to prepare hierarchical zeolites efficiently will be discussed, and examples of rational catalyst design based on hierarchical zeolites will also be shared.

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About the Speaker

Dr. Xiaolei Fan

Reader (of Chemical Engineering) at Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Manchester

Xiaolei Fan received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bath in 2010. From 2010 to 2013, he took the postdoctoral positions at the University of Warwick and University of Cambridge, focusing on the research in heterogeneous catalysis and reaction engineering. Currently, he is a Reader (of Chemical Engineering) at The University of Manchester with a research group of 17 PhD/post-doctoral researchers. His research broadly encompasses the heterogeneous catalysis, porous materials, catalytic reaction engineering, process intensification and structured catalysts/reactors. Currently, he focuses specifically on development and characterisation of porous materials, ranging from microporous zeolites/MOFs, through zeolites with mesoporosity, to macroporous cellular foams, for applications in catalysis and separation. His research was recognised internationally with several awards such as the Lee Hsun Young Scientist Lecture award on Materials Sciences by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2018), RSC Emerging Investigators (2019) and ACS I&EC Research 2020 Influential Researchers (2020).

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