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Spring into STEM | Chemical Engineering in physiology and clinical medicine | Virtual Lecture Series

05 May 2021, 10:00 am–11:00 am

Illustration of liver and intestine - Image by Elionas2 from Pixabay

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Mark Bernardes – UCL Chemical Engineering


In this talk I will show how Chemical Engineers have an important role to play in this field, one so important for human well-being. The talk will use the liver system - the body's 'chemical factory' - where diseases like diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease are caused by problems with glucose levels affected by diet, medicines, metabolism and genetics. What is needed are systems approaches to modelling complex chemical and physical interactions at multiple scales in living systems through Chemical Engineering analysis. Engineering design techniques are increasingly needed to be able to make reliable system-wide predictions of the effects of medical interventions which are proposed by the ‘engineering design’ process. Interventions can be environmental through the introduction of chemical agents, through clinical interventions, or genetic analysis. We can also manage the range of variability that can be tolerated in the proposed environmental or clinical action and work back through using computational models to ensure that the range of variability in the data on which the model is based is of sufficient accuracy to meet the ‘design tolerance’.

Presented by:

David Bogle, Pro-Vice-Provost of the Doctoral School and Professor of Chemical Engineering.

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About the Speaker

David Bogle

Pro-Vice-Provost of the Doctoral School and Professor of Chemical Engineering at UCL Chemical Engineering

David Bogle
David Bogle is Professor of Chemical Engineering at University College London (UCL) and Pro-Vice-Provost of UCL’s Doctoral School. His expertise is in Process Systems Engineering and Systems Biology where he has worked with medical scientists on Systems Engineering of the Liver. He is currently Scientific Vice President of the European Federation of Chemical Engineers. David Bogle was born in Australia but undertook his undergraduate education and PhD in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. He has been at UCL since 1990 after periods in industry and Australia. He chaired the World Congress of Chemical Engineering in Glasgow in 2005. He is a Fellow of Institution of Chemical Engineers and was elected a Fellow of the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering in 2005. As Pro-Vice-Provost at UCL he leads the strategy for early career researcher development. More about David Bogle

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