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Taster Lecture: Everything flows: the important role of rheology in everyday life

24 March 2021, 10:00 am–11:00 am

Taster Lecture: Everything flows: the important role of rheology in everyday life

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Formulated products characterised by complex textures are part of everyday life. Examples include healthcare and cosmetic products, building materials, food and inks. These materials are typically constituted by multiple phases and active agents, which need to be carefully balanced to ensure the final desired functionality and texture of the product. The significant level of sophistication of these formulations, along with the necessity of achieving controlled and reproducible product quality, represent a topical manufacturing challenge. Rheology, i.e. the study of the flow of the matter, represents a powerful tool to predict the processability of novel formulations and, at the same time, link the macroscopic properties of the materials to their internal microstructure. In this talk, I will introduce you to the fundamentals of this fascinating branch of physics and show how it can be applied for the efficient design of complex soft materials.

Presenter: Simona Migliozzi, Postdoctoral Research Associate at UCL Chemical Engineering

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About the Speaker

Simona Migliozzi

UCL Chemical Engineering at Postdoctoral Research Associate

Simona Migliozzi
Simona received her degree in Chemical Engineering with honour from the Polytechnic School of Naples “Federico II” in 2016. Her early research experience is in the field of fluidization and renewable energies. After her degree, she worked as a research fellow at the Combustion Research Institute of the National Research Council (Italy) on CFD modelling of absorption processes in super absorbent polymers. She joined the ThAMeS Multiphase Research Group at the end of 2016 to start her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Luca Mazzei and Prof. Panagiota Angeli. Her research project focused on various challenges related to complex fluids processing and how to connect these to the rheological design of novel products. She is now continuing her research in the Department with a Postdoctoral Research position aimed at studying the rheological behaviour and microstructure of novel microgel formulations tailored for medical and process engineering purposes. More about Simona Migliozzi