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Spring into STEM | Interdisciplinary and Sustainable Water Management | Virtual Lecture Series

16 June 2021, 10:00 am–11:00 am

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The 2030 Agenda established by United Nations recognises ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’ as one of its seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. The occurrence, distribution, and movement of all the water present in the Earth, is controlled by the hydrologic cycle, which can be perturbed by climate change. The availability of freshwater in sufficient quality and quantity is essential for all aspects of life and sustainable development, as water security in intricately related to energy and food security. However, fresh water stress affects every continent, driven by population growth and increase in per capita water consumption. Water is essential in the energy and resources sector because it is used to extract and process hydrocarbons and minerals. In the oil and gas industry, water is critical for production, being required for drilling and hydraulic fracturing as well as in petroleum refining, often relying on freshwater withdrawal. The mining sector relies on water for various operations including mineral processing, dust suppression and slurry transport. In this talk, I will describe some aspects of integrated water resource management to combat water shortage, with discussion on engineering related solutions to water purification processes and wastewater treatment.

Presented by: 

Sudeshna Basugupta, Lecturer (Teaching) [Chemical Engineering] / Senior Research Fellow [Earth Sciences] 

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About the Speaker

Sudeshna Basugupta

Lecturer (Teaching) / Senior Research Fellow at UCL Chemical Engineering / UCL Earth Sciences

Sudeshna Basugupta
Sudeshna Basu is a Lecturer (Teaching) in Chemical Engineering and Senior Research Fellow (Earth Sciences). Her research and teaching interests are focused on different types of natural resources (e.g. diamonds, carbonatites, oceanic sediments, water and gas shales) for better understanding of their occurrence and formation, with implications towards their sustainable management. Her research on the study of shales, investigates the circulation of volatiles through these rocks using different geochemical tracers, that can constrain the contamination pathways in these commonly occurring surficial rocks, beside placing constraints on the expulsion of hydrocarbons from these unconventional reservoirs. She is also interested in aspects of urban science focusing on the environmental effects of climate change on our geo-heritage sites. More about Sudeshna Basugupta

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