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ED&I Committee

The ED&I Committee meet monthly to embed equality and diversity across the department. Each member leads a focus group and feedback to to the wider committee on a regular basis.

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About me

Panagiota Angeli (Chair)

Panagiota Angeli

I am a Professor in Chemical Engineering and Deputy Head for ED&I. I also lead a research group which focuses on complex multiphase flows for manufacturing and energy applications.  

The Department and my research group have benefitted immensely from the diversity of their people.  Through the ED&I committee I am keen to  promote initiatives that will contribute to  a working environment that is inclusive and offers equal opportunities to all.  I am also very interested in outreach activities  to ensure students from all backgrounds become aware of the opportunities opened to them  by studying STEM subjects.

Matteo Salvalaglio 

Matteo Salvalaglio

I am a lecturer in the department of Chemical Engineering. My research is at the boundary between computational Physical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. 

Within the ED&I committee I analyse data to capture the current state of the Departmental population, and to help developing policies that promote its diversity.

Maria Kalli

Maria Kalli

Graduating from Chemical Engineering at UCL, I was exposed to a very international student environment. This allowed me to experience the benefits of working in inclusive and diverse teams and appreciate the importance of ED&I. As a current PhD student at UCL and treasurer of the Chemical Engineering Researchers’ Society (CheERS) and IChemE YMF L&SEC, I am the CheERS representative for the Athena SWAN committee. My main interests are to ensure that all needs and concerns are heard directly from the students and to contribute to UCL's vision in promoting a diverse, inclusive and family-friendly culture. 

Luca Mazzei 

Luca Mazzei

I am an associate professor in Chemical Engineering. Most of my research focuses on multiphase systems and is theoretical, computational and experimental. Since 2016, I have co-chaired the departmental EDI Committee, influencing good practice toward inclusivity and gender equality and successfully leading the renewal of the departmental Athena SWAN Silver award. I joined the committee to foster an open, inclusive and family-friendly culture where our different aspirations and priorities our recognized and fully supported.

Katy Le Lion

Katy Le Lion headshot

As Department Manager, I feel it is imperative that everyone is given an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential in the workplace, without prejudice or fear of being their authentic selves. My passions lie in educating people on being better allies to those that are more marginalised than themselves  

Ralph Hick 

Ralph Hick headshot

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion are vital for workplace health and wellbeing. As the Departmental Safety Officer I champion the Health and Safety of those in the department, which includes making sure that everyone feels recognised and included. 

I also represent the Athena Swan lead for the Technical Team who hold a wide range of support roles in the department. To this end I organise meetings and focus groups with the Technicians to discuss if there anything we can improve in relation to ED&I and I act as a point of contact for any ED&I matters that may arise in our roles.

Elton Dias 

Elton Dias

I am a teaching focused Lecturer for First and Second year undergraduates with a focus on scenario-based learning. I have joined the ED&I Committee because I want to make sure our department is inclusive and has a healthy working environment. Let's make bullying and harassment things of the past!

Thomas Miller

Tom Miller

I am a lecturer in Chemical Engineering with a research focus on materials for electrochemical energy storage and conversion.  

I joined the ED&I committee in 2019 and am involved in the working group focusing on supporting professional services staff. My particular interest is to develop strategies to help increase access to higher education for academically talented students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.

Jennifer Hack

Jennifer Photo

I have done a lot of outreach throughout my PhD, working with students from a range of backgrounds, and this has motivated my interest in ED&I. I feel it’s important to demonstrate that the work in our department is accessible and open to all.

Vasileios Charitopoulos

Vasileios Charitopoulos

Hello there! My name is Vassilis, I am Lecturer in Chemical Engineering and my preferred pronouns are he/his/him. I take pride in being an out gay man in STEM and having experienced first-hand the benefits of being part of an inclusive and diverse working environment, I find ED&I of vital importance within academia. 

Currently, I am leading the LGTQAI+ focus group of the committee while I am also involved in the Bullying and Harassment group. I am passionate about LGBTQIA+ representation within academia & industry so as to develop role models for the younger generations of aspiring Chemical Engineers. I am always down for a chat about the “3D” issues within STEM and academia: Decolonisation, Democratisation & Diversification. 

Lizzie Howie

I am the Centre Administrator for the Electrochemical Innovation Lab.  I also assist with the administration and coordination of outreach projects within the department.  I joined the EDI committee recently to ensure our outreach activities reach a diverse range of students. 

Robin Ramphal 

Robin is the department’s Strategic Alliances Director and supports the Department through industrial collaboration and strategic engagement.

Claire SaundersI am Executive Assistant to the Head of Department. I am a member of the Chem Eng ED&I committee, and the Racial Equality working group. I feel I have a duty to use my privilege to be an ally for those who are treated differently because of social biases. Chem Eng has come a long way in respect to ED&I and I am proud to be part of the team making a change.

Adella Forder-Gore

Adella Forder-Gore

Teaching and Learning Administrator at UCL Chemical Engineering



Sudeshna Basu 

Sudeshna Basugupta
I am a Lecturer (Teaching) for the M.Sc. programme of Global Management of Natural Resources with a focus on the occurrence and management of different natural resources, including hydrocarbons and water. As a member of the ED&I Committee, I want to contribute to make our department inclusive so that everyone can thrive here. I am particularly passionate about improving the diversity in STEM subjects for female students and staff from under represented ethnic backgrounds and those having disability issues that often needs introspection through the lens of intersectionality. I am also a member of the Racial Equality focus group in the department.

Mohamad Ali Abdallah

Mohamad Ali Abdallah

I am a third year undergraduate student in the department and the ex President of the Ramsay Society. Within the ED&I committee I aim to make our undergraduate degree programme more inclusive and allow students to be comfortable in voicing their opinions and concerns. It is also very important that our events at RamSoc reach a diverse range of students and are open and accessible to everyone.

Guilherme Pizarro Werner

Guilherme Pizarro Werner


I am a current second-year student and President of the Ramsay Society, the student-led departmental society for Chemical Engineering undergraduates at UCL. What makes UCL really special to me is the multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and highly diverse community we have within our department and across campus. Through the ED&I committee, I really hope to bring forward the student voice, working with the department towards promoting more inclusive and diverse initiatives both academically and within our student society (RamSoc), with the main objectives of enhancing the student experience, tackling bullying and harassment, and ensuring that all students have an equal access to opportunities.


The ED&I Committee is built around representatives of PhD students, PDRAs, Professional Services Staff, Teaching Fellows and Technicians who meet on a monthly basis. This ensures that everyone within the department is able to contribute to our ED&I initiatives. If you would like to join the ED&I Committee, please contact your focus group leader in the first instance.