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Dr. Vicky Lange

Dr. Vicky Lange is currently investigating the hydrodynamics of two-phase ionic liquid-liquid systems in countercurrent chromatography – a novel intensified separation technology for the extraction of metals. She is particularly interested in the transport phenomena occurring in both pilot and bench scale multiphase contactors, reactor modelling and design, as well as continuous ionic liquid processing. Prior to joining the group in November 2015, Vicky was awarded a first-class honours in Chemical Engineering (BASc) from the University of Toronto in Canada. She then joined the Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group (FLUTE) at the University of Nottingham, UK where she attained both her MSc. by Research (Petroleum Engineering) and PhD (Chemical Engineering) degrees under the supervision of Prof. Barry Azzopardi and Prof. Pete Licence. It was during this period that she first encountered ionic liquids where the overarching aims of her research were to extensively examine both theoretically and experimentally methods of their continuous bulk production, as well as their two-phase gas-liquid hydrodynamic behaviour inside bubble column reactors and falling film contactors for their large-scale application in gas-liquid processes such as carbon capture.

Vicky Lange

Teaching Fellow

Dept of Chemical Engineering 
Faculty of Engineering Science
Joined UCL
    1st Nov 2015




University of Nottingham
MSc Petroleum Engineering and PhD Chemical Engineering | 2015
University of Toronto, Canada
BASc Chemical Engineering | 2010