UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Dr. Lusheng Zhai

Dr. Zhai’s main research interests are measurement techniques of multiphase flow, sensor design, and signal processing.

Horizontal well technology can effectively enhance the oil recovery ratio and has been widely used in the exploration of oil field. Horizontal oil-water two-phase flows are frequently encountered in oil well production. The modelling of flow parameters in such flows greatly depends on the multi-scale flow structures and the slippage between the two phases. Dr. Zhai designed electrical probes and PLIF system to explore complicated flow characteristics in horizontal pipe.

Accurate flow rate monitoring of the production profile in horizontal shale gas wells is of great significance for optimizing production characteristics of shale gas. Dr. Zhai developed ultrasonic sensor to detect the dynamic interfaces of gas-liquid flows. He is focusing on the flow pattern transition and flow parameter modelling of horizontal gas-liquid two-phase flows.

Nonlinear analysis methods based on observed time series are beneficial to reveal the dynamics of complex systems. Multi-phase flow is a typical multi-scale nonlinear dynamic system. Dr. Zhai developed chaos, fractal, multi-scale entropy and casual analysis for two-phase flow systems.


Academic Visitor

Dept of Chemical Engineering 
Faculty of Engineering Science
Joined UCL
   20th June 2019


School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Tianjin University, China 
 PhD Control Science and Engineering | 2013

Work Experience

Tianjin University 
Lecturer | 2013
Associate Professor | 2017
University College London
Visiting Scholar | 2016