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ChemEngDayUK 2022

We are delighted to announce that ChemEngDayUK 2022 will be hosted jointly by the UCL Department of Chemical Engineering and the UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering between 7-8 April 2022. The event coincides with the centenary celebrations of the IChemE and will address the future research and educational contributions of chemical and biochemical engineers. Major themes of the conference will include the sustainable provision of healthcare, energy and food over the next 100 years.

2022 marks the 100th birthday of the IChemE. Throughout the year, IChemE will be running a series of events to honour the work of process engineers, past and present, and to recognise their myriad contributions to society. An array of celebrations will occur as part of the IChemE100 programme. 

ChemEngDayUK 2022 is organised by the Heads of Chemical Engineering UK, HCEUK, and will address the future contributions of chemical and biochemical engineers over the next 100 years. These are likely to be aligned to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, with engineers playing a key role in the sustainable provision of healthcare, energy and food in an increasingly global and complex world. Benefits will be achieved by taking a systems approach to the solution of complex issues and through the invention, optimisation and scale-up of intensified and digitally enabled process technologies. 

ChemEngDayUK 2022 will provide a platform for academics and industrialists to share their work in these fields highlighting, in particular, the contributions of early career researchers. The event will comprise a combination of distinguished plenary speakers and parallel technical sessions with invited oral and poster presentations. These will be complemented with networking opportunities, trade exhibitions and a conference dinner. 

The conference topic themes include:

  • Multi-scale engineering
  • Education and policy
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Healthcare

When submitting an abstract, please select from one of the following sub-themes:

Sub 1 - Multi-scale engineering

  • Advanced materials
  • Continuous and intensified manufacturing
  • Data-driven modelling and digitalisation 
  • Molecular engineering
  • Multi-scale engineering: Other

Sub 2 - Education and policy

  • Education
  • Responsible innovation and policy
  • Education and policy: Other

Sub 3 - Energy

  • Energy storage
  • Sustainability and net-zero
  • Design for CO2 capture
  • Energy: Other

Sub 4 - Food

  • Food products and processing
  • Food: Other

Sub 5 - Healthcare

  • Vaccines
  • Gene therapy
  • Healthcare: Other

The Organising Committee is comprised of:

The Scientific Committee is comprised of: 

Please visit this page regularly for programme updates and deadline details. You can also register for further conference announcements. 

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Registration and abstract submission

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