UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Charitos Anastasiou

Charitos graduated from the School of Chemical Engineering of NTUA, Athens in 2018, having obtained a Meng (Integrated Master) degree. During his Academic Thesis, he focused on thermodynamics in multiphase flows; specifically, on the development and evaluation of characterization methods for the heavy residual (C7+) fraction of real gas condensates. After a gap period of compulsory military service and work experience, he decided to apply for a PhD program at UCL. He joined ThAMeS group in October 2020, commencing a PhD part of the PREMIERE’s program. His research focuses on the experimental study of flow-pattern transitions in two-phase (liquid-liquid) flows and their application on intensified liquid-liquid processes.


MPhil/PhD Student

Faculty of Engineering Science
Joined UCL
    15th Oct 2020


     National Technical University of Athens
MEng Chemical Engineering | 2018