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Phone:  +44 (0)20 7679 3809   Email: vikram.sundara.09@ucl.ac.uk
Department of Chemical Engineering
University College London
Torrington Place
London WC1E 7JE
United Kingdom

Vikram Sundara received his B.E. (Hons.) in Chemical Engineering from BITS, Pilani in 2009. After completing his MSc. in Chemical Process Engineering from UCL in 2010, he started his PhD in the same year.

Research project

Title: Emergency Shutdown Modelling and Validation of CO2 Pipelines

Supervisor: Prof. Haroun Mahgerefteh

As part of the challenge to reduce the impact of global warming, pressurised pipelines are considered to be the most practical option for transporting captured CO2 from fossil fuel based power plants and various chemical industries for subsequent sequestration.

Although pipeline transport is fairly well known for the case of natural gas, the risk associated with CO2 transport is still to be quantified accurately. The major reason for this uncertainty is due to the vastly different thermodynamic properties between CO2 and natural gas mixtures. 

My core area of research, which is part of a major study sponsored by National Grid, is based on developing and validating computational tools for the risk assessment of pressurised CO2 pipelines. It addresses the fundamentally important questions of the type and spacing of emergency shutdown valves to be used to limit the amount of inventory released in the event of a CO2 pipeline failure.

My other areas of research include developing a heterogenous model for two phase flow in CO2 pipelines and a dense gas dispersion model for estimating CO2 concentrations away from CO2 pipeline releases.

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