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Exercise, cognition and brain vitality

SponsorNewcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
CIDr Grainne Gorman
UK sitesNewcastle
Contact detailsjulia.maddison@ncl.ac.uk


Research suggests that aerobic exercise has a positive effect on many areas of cognition such as memory, attention, and reaction time.

The most significant improvements have been seen in executive functioning. These improvements have been found for both healthy and cognitively impaired individuals.

So exercise may be a useful intervention for many patients with age related illnesses.

Study information

The study will investigate the effects of exercise on cognitive functioning. We will use many tests to assess key cognitive functions.

Performance on cognitive tests will be examined before exercise intervention and immediately following its completion. This aims to examine potential changes in cognition.

Cognitive testing will be repeated six months after exercise intervention to determine if cognitive changes have been maintained.