Queen Square Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases



Our services and how to be referred

We take a multidisciplinary team approach in our services to deliver the best care for patients. We run weekly clinics and meetings that involve doctors, a clinical nurse specialist, a specialist physiotherapist, and clinical scientists with expertise in mitochondrial diseases. Depending on your symptoms we also work in close collaboration with a number of other medical professionals who specialise in inherited cardiac problems, diabetes, balance and hearing, and bowel and bladder disturbance. To be seen in person, or by telephone or video appointment, please arrange a referral from your local doctor. More information is available in the Professionals Area of this website.

  • If you/your family members have an established diagnosis of mitochondrial disease you can be referred by your GP.
  • If you have not yet received a diagnosis but are considered to possibly have mitochondrial disease, please speak with your local neurologist or clinical geneticist about the referral.
  • We offer advice for patients of any age with a confirmed mitochondrial disease via our multidisciplinary team. Your local local doctor can contact our service at uclh.enquiry.mitochondrialservice@nhs.net.
  • Re-analysis of previous genetic testing is also available (e.g., research exomes and genomes for undiagnosed patients). Your clinician can contact our team to access this service service at uclh.enquiry.mitochondrialservice@nhs.net.

Clinical trials

 Please see further information on our clinical trials page.