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Investigation of the ability of Otelixizumab to inhibit in vitro antigen-specific T cell responses from Myasthenia Gravis (MG) patients

Sponsor / FunderGlaxoSmithKline
CIDimitri Kullmann
UK sitesLondon Queen square
Contact detailsnatalie.James@uclh.nhs.uk


MG is the best understood autoimmune disease (a disease in which the immune system attacks some part of the body).

This attack is directed by various parts of the immune system.

There is a continued search for newer drugs for the treatment of MG.

Otelixizumab could be a treatment for MG. But before clinical trials we need more information.

Primary objective

To determine how the drug interacts with the immune system.

Study information

In this study adult patients with MG were invited to provide blood samples (50 ml) for research purposes. Blood collected from patients was used in laboratory studies.

Some patients were asked to provide a repeat blood sample (additional 50ml) 46 months later for comparison with the initial sample.


Up to 40 participants in the UK.