Queen Square Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases



Animal models and human treatments for myotonic dystrophy

Prof Charles Thornton
University of Rochester, USA
1st December, Queen Square

FSHD is caused by incomplete suppression of the DUX4 retrogene

Silvère van der Maarel
Leiden University
7th December, Queen Square

Modifying the course of ALS

Professor Wim Robberecht
University Hospital Leuven, Belgium
25th November,
Queen Square

Vitamin K - more than Koagulation?

Prof Clemens Muller-Reible
Institute of Human Genetics, Wurzburg
Tuesday 2nd November
Institute of Human Genetics, Newcastle University

Translational Homeostasis as a Therapeutic Target in ER Stress Diseases

Professor Lawrence Wrabetz
Department of Neuroscience, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan
Tuesday 5th October
Queen Square

With a Little Help from My Friends - finding genes with computers

Dr. Markus Schuelke
Charité - Universitatsmedizin Berlin
Tuesday 5th October
Newcastle University

Gene therapy for spinal muscular atrophy

Prof Mimoun Azzouz
University of Sheffield
Monday 18th October
Newcastle University

Feasibility of exercise training in patients with muscle disease

Prof John Vissing
Department of Neurology, Psychiatry and Sensory Sciences, University of Copenhagen
Tuesday 7th September
Queen Square

Mouse models of neuropathies

Prof Ueli Suter
Institute of Cell Biology, Zurich
Tuesday 6th July
Queen Square

Mitochondria as ATP consumers: regulation of mitochondrial structure and function by the endogenous inhibitor protein, ATPIF1

Prof Michael Duchen
University College London
Tuesday 1st June
Queen Square

Inflammatory components in myelin mutant mice

Prof Rudolf Martini
Department of Developmental Neurobiology, University of Würzburg
Tuesday 4th May
Lecture theatre at 33 Queen Square

Skin biopsy in peripheral neuropathies

Dr Giuseppe Lauria
Tuesday 6th April 2010
Neuromuscular Diseases Unit - National Neurological Institute "Carlo Besta", Milan
Lecture theatre at 33 Queen Square

The contribution of satellite cells to skeletal muscle regeneration

Dr Jenny Morgan
Institute of Child Health, UCL
Tuesday 9th March
Lecture theatre, Institute of Human Genetics, Newcastle University

Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy (HIBM): a unique phenotype with potential therapy

Zohar Argov
Hadassah-Hewbrew University Medical Centre, Israel
Tuesday 16th March
Lecture theatre, Institute of Human Genetics, Newcastle University

"Myotonic dystrophy: complex repeats in an even more complex disorder"

Dr Darren Monckton
Division of Molecular Genetics, University of Glasgow
2nd March
Queen Square

"Myelination and repair"

Prof Charles ffrench-Constant
MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh
2nd February
Queen Square

"Rare forms of inherited neuropathies provide insights into mechanisms of myelinatino and demyelination in the peripheral nervous system"

Dr Jan Senderek
Institut f.Zellbiologie ETC, Zurich
2nd February
Institute of Human Genetics, Newcastle University

"Experimental therapy in Charcot-Marie-Tooth 1A (CMT1A)"

Michael Sereda
Department of Neurogenetics, Max-Planck-Institute of Experimental Medicine
21st January
Institute for Ageing and Health, Newcastle University

"With a little help from my friends: finding genes with computers"

Markus Schuelke
Charite - Universitatsmedizin, Berlin
Tuesday 19th January
Institute of Human Genetics, Newcastle University