Centre for Doctoral Training in Russian, Slavonic & East European languages and culture


V. I. Vernads'kogo National Library of Ukraine

Location and Contact Details

Address: pr. 40-richchia Zhovtnia 3

Web: http://www.nbuv.gov.ua/

Phone: (044) 524-81-36
(044) 525-56-02

Library Director: Nataliya Vasylivna Makovs'ka

Opening Hours:
January-June and October-December:

  • Monday-Saturday: 0915 - 2000
  • Sunday: 0915 - 1800


  • Monday-Saturday: 0915 - 1800
  • Sunday: Closed

The Sanitarnyi den' is the last working day of the month.

How to Register

Enter the library and go to the desk on the left of the large and impressive lobby. There you can present your passport and you will be given a form to fill in. It's in Ukrainian, but the staff are very forgiving of those who only speak Russian, and are happy to help you. Mention if you'd like a permit for a laptop or tablet: you will have to get this separately. From there, cross the lobby and a member of staff will enter your details into the computer system. For 25 UAH you can have a photo-card that lasts until the expiry of your passport; a temporary pass is free. If you need to use a laptop, you should then go to the other glass-fronted desk on the left side of the lobby and it will be produced immediately. From there, the entrance to the catalogue room and reading rooms is in the far right corner of the lobby.

How to Order Material

The website has an online catalogue, and catalogue room has an enormous old-fashioned card catalogue and several consultants. You can order at a window on the left of the entrance. The book collection point on the floor above, beside the entrances to the reading rooms.

Reading Room Practices, General Hints and Tips

You will be given a kontrol'nyi listok when you enter the library, on which will be recorded any books you use. It must be handed back when you leave. DO NOT LOSE IT.

To reach the reading rooms, you ascend a Guggenheim-esque rotunda, at the bottom of which is a small jungle and around the walls of which stand marble busts of Ukrainian and Russian writers. The reading rooms are large and relatively cool in the summer. Only the reading room for science and technology has Wi-Fi, but it doesn't seem to be a problem to use any room you like (on summer weekends the library is extremely quiet anyway).

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