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Russian State Archive of Social and Political History M. 1

Location and Contact Details

Formerly known as Центр хранения документов молодежных организаций (Centre for the preservation of documents of youth organisations), this archive is part of RGASPI, but is not located in the main RGASPI building.

Address: Chital'nyi zal No.3, Profsoiuznaia ul. 82 Head south on the orange line to Kaluzhskaia. Exiting the train (outbound) turn to the right, turn right again upon entering the perekhod. Note: the external sign still displays ЦХДМО .

Metro: Kaluzhskaia Web: rgaspi.org

Phone: (495) 718-72-67

Chief archivist: Galina Mikhailovna Tokareva

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 1000- 1600

Sanitarnyi den' is the last Friday of each month.

NB. When it is not very busy - during the winter months - Galina sometimes closes early.

The archive is closed in August.

How to Register

Use the phone to the left as you enter the lobby. There is a list of contacts on the wall (two ambiguous numbers for RGASPI; you need the 2nd number for Galina). Galina will ask you to wait in the lobby. She will come to collect you 5-20 minutes later. Once Galina has given you the tour of floor 2 and you are in the reading-room she asks about your tema. This is conducted at her desk, in front of the reading-room and can seem somewhat abrasive. But all the readers have experienced this and Galina will use the information to help you. After this you will complete the normal questionnaire and Galina will explain how to complete an order form. If she provides you with opisi, remember to put these on the order form and hand it back before you leave. No propusk is provided. Rather, you are added to the guard's 'RGASPI' list. Remember to take your passport.

How to Order Material

The procedure is very simple. Ask Galina for an order form and add the files you wish to see, remembering to add the opis' if you use it that day. Average wait: Officially 1- 2 days. But if you show commitment, Galina will often get the material immediately. Maximum order is 10 documents.

Reading Room Practices, General Hints and Tips

Researchers should be warned: this very small reading-room can get rather noisy. Galina's main phone will ring throughout the day and she will engage researchers in conversation. Occasionally, she will stop work and request that all researchers join her for tea. Indeed, readers are very much at Galina's whim. While this may take some getting used to, it is a very hospitable environment in which to work. As a former member of the Komsomol Central Committee, Galina is passionate about this archive. It revolves around her authority and care. While this makes her a somewhat daunting character at points, it also provides a more personable atmosphere. Opening times and working practices will often revolve around Galina, but she will always keep you informed and try to be accomodating. There is a stolovaia in the building. Ask for directions. This facility is very well hidden on floor 1, but the chocolate treats will reward your efforts. There is a ROSSPEN bookshop on the 7th floor of the building which is well worth visiting. Payments are cash only.

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Have you visited this archive?

Have you visited this archive?

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