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Manuscript Department of the Lenin Library

Location and Contact Details

Address: ul. Vozdvizhenka d. 3/5

The street address is the same as for the main library, but the department is actually in Pashkov dom (the building, not to be confused with the publishing house, which is also nearby). When facing the Lenin library, turn away from the Kremlin, and walk to the corner of the library and the small side street. Go along this side street until you see a large manor house with white walls and a green roof on your left. (You will see this through the gates). You must show your Lenin library card at the gate. Use in the main entrance to the building, and immediately turn right, then follow the corridor. You will see the cloakroom. All bags and coats should be left here. To the right of the cloakroom are toilets, then another corridor. Turn right. There will be another militsiia post, where you must show your library card again, and also your letter from your university. Go to the end of the corridor, then right again. At the end of this corridor is the entrance to the reading room.

Metro: Arbatskaia, Aleksandrovskii sad, Borovitskaia, Biblioteka im. Lenina
Web: www.rsl.ru/
Email: post@rsl.ru
Phone: (495) 695-57-90
Head of the manuscripts department: Viktor Federovich Molchanov

Opening Hours: Monday -Saturday: 1000- 1800
The sanitarnyi den' is the last Monday of the month. 

How to Register

You need a Lenin library card and a letter from your supervisor addressed to Molchanov. You apply at the reading room desk. It takes a couple of days to process your pass, so on your second visit you will need to ask the militsiia on the second desk to call the reading room desk, and they will confirm that they have your pass. Propuski last for one calendar year.

How to Order Material

You should use one form per opis' or document. There are examples on display at the desk for how to fill these out. Opisi are brought to you immediately, documents after one day. The maximum order is 5 items.

Reading Room Practices, General Hints and Tips

You can use your mobile phone in the corridor. There is a bufet in the building, but it is not good. The best thing to do is to go out. You can ask to leave temporarily - you will be asked to close up your manuscripts, but you can keep them on your desk. You must return by the end of the day to hand them back in. The nearest place to go for cheap food is the stolovaia of the Lenin Library.

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