UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


Staff: Pre-clinical and Fundamental Science

Senior Staff / Principal Investigators

Dr Robert BellPrincipal Research Fellowrob.bell@ucl.ac.uk
Prof. Shanie Budhram-MahadeoProfessor of Molecular and Cellular Pathologyv.budhram-mahadeo@ucl.ac.uk; +44 (0)20 7905 2736
(internal: 52736)

Prof. Lucie Clapp

Professor of Vascular Physiology;
Head of Research Department
l.clapp@ucl.ac.uk; +44 (0)20 7679 6180
(internal: 46180)

PA to Prof. Clapp: jenny.lunan-carty@ucl.ac.uk   
+44 (0)20 7679 6969 (internal: 46969)

Prof. Sean Davidson

Professorial Research Fellows.davidson@ucl.ac.uk; +44 (0)20 3447 9894

Dr Rens de Groot

Senior Research Fellowr.degroot@ucl.ac.uk; +44 (0)20 3108 1423 (internal:  51423)
Dr. Paul FrankelPrincipal Research Fellowp.frankel@ucl.ac.uk; +44 (0)20 7679 0916 (internal: 40916)

Prof. Derek Hausenloy

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicined.hausenloy@ucl.ac.uk (based in Singapore)

Prof. Ruth Lovering

Professorial Research Fellowr.lovering@ucl.ac.uk; +44 (0)20 7679 6965
(internal: 46965)

Prof. Derek Yellon

Professor of Cellular Cardiology;
Director, Hatter Cardiovascular Institute
d.yellon@ucl.ac.uk; +44 (0)20 3447 9888

PA to Prof. Yellon: g.jarvis@ucl.ac.uk;
+44 (0)20 3447 9888


Research Associates / Assistants




Dr Maryna Basalay

Research Associate

m.basalay@ucl.ac.uk; +44 (0)20 3447 9683

Dr Pelin Golforoush

Research Fellowp.golforoush@ucl.ac.uk

Dr David He

Research Associate

z.he@ucl.ac.uk; +44 (0)20 3447 9881

Clinical Fellows



Nada AhmedClinical Research Fellownada.ahmed.19@ucl.ac.uk
Kevin BeatsonClinical Research Fellowkevin.beatson.21@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Mohammed Shah                        

Clinical Research Fellow 

mohammed.shah@ucl.ac.uk; +44 (0)20 3447 9776

Honorary Staff



Dr Richard Carr

Honorary Senior Lecturer


Dr Arjun Ghosh

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer


Dr Anastasia Kalea

Honorary Associate Professor

Prof. Christopher McGregorHonorary Professor


Prof. Marie Scully

Honorary Professorm.scully@ucl.ac.uk

Professional Services Staff



Ms Jill JarvisPA to Head of Hatter Cardiovascular Instituteg.jarvis@ucl.ac.uk; +44 (0)20 3447 9888

Mrs Jenny Lunan-Carty

PA to Head of Department

jenny.lunan-carty@ucl.ac.uk; +44 (0)20 7679 6969
(internal: 46969)

Ms Jacqueline Mitchell

Research Support Technicianjacqueline.mitchell@ucl.ac.uk; +44 (0)20 7679 6977 (internal: 46977)

PhD Students



Nada AhmedPrincipal supervisor:  Prof. Lucie Clappnada.ahmed.19@ucl.ac.uk
Nada AlhindiPrincipal supervisor:  Prof Shanie Budrham-Mahadeonada.alhindi.21@ucl.ac.uk
Alhanoof AlmalkiPrincipal supervisor:  Prof. Derek Yellonalhanoof.almalki.15@ucl.ac.uk 
Alex ByrnePrincipal supervisor:  Prof. Derek Yellonalex.byrne.22@ucl.ac.uk
Suziana Zaila Che FauziPrincipal supervisor:  Prof. Shanie Budhram-Mahadeosuziana.fauzi.19@ucl.ac.uk
Ahmed ChilmeranPrincipal supervisor:  Prof. Derek Yellonahmed.chilmeran.22@ucl.ac.uk
Robin ChungPrincipal supervisor: Prof. Derek Yellonr.chung@ucl.ac.uk
Liyana Mardhiyyah Hisham ZuhudyPrincipal supervisor: Prof. Sean Davidsonliyana.zuhudy.20@ucl.ac.uk
Kenan JiaPrincipal supervisor: Prof. Shanie Budhram-Mahadeokenan.jia.21@ucl.ac.uk
Miroslava KatsurPrincipal supervisor: Prof. Sean Davidsonmiroslava.katsur.17@ucl.ac.uk
Kan Yan Chloe LiPrincipal supervisor: Prof. Shanie Budhram-Mahadeokan.li.14@ucl.ac.uk
David MathewPrincipal supervisor: Prof. Derek Yellondavid.mathew.22@ucl.ac.uk
John McGowanPrincipal supervisor: Prof. Derek Yellonjohn.mcgowan@ucl.ac.uk
Liyana Mohammed YusofPrincipal supervisor: Prof. Sean Davidsonnur.liyana.19@ucl.ac.uk
Norfazlina Mohd NawiPrincipal supervisor: Prof. Shanie Budhram-Mahadeonorfazlina.nawi.19@ucl.ac.uk
Osman NajamPrincipal supervisor: Prof. Derek Yellono.najam@ucl.ac.uk
Lucie PearcePrincipal supervisor: Prof. Derek Yellonlucie.pearce.19@ucl.ac.uk
Handi SalimPrincipal supervisor: Prof. Derek Yellonhandi.salim.20@ucl.ac.uk
Mohammed ShahPrincipal supervisor: Prof. Derek Yellonmohammed.shah@ucl.ac.uk
Renzhi SuPrincipal supervisor: Prof. Lucie Clapprenzhi.su.19@ucl.ac.uk
Elias SuleimanPrincipal supervisore: Prof. Sean Davidsonilias.sulaiman.20@ucl.ac.uk
Vaishaali YogendranPrincipal supervisor: Prof. Shanie Budhram-Mahadeovaishaali.yogendran.14@ucl.ac.uk