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Oncology iBSc

A year-long full-time course for intercalating medical students, the Oncology iBSc focuses on cancer as a disease, its treatment, associated research, socioeconomic and wider impact on society.

One in two people born after 1960 will be diagnosed with cancer, therefore cancer patients present to, and are cared for by Doctors working across all medical specialties. There has been a paradigm shift on how cancer patients are treated in recent years including the introduction of immunotherapy and personalized cancer medicine. The programme is delivered through the UCL Cancer Institute which houses over 300 scientists and clinicians including Fellows of the Royal Society and of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

The Integrated BSc in Oncology teaches technology and innovation in cancer research and clinical cancer management which is transferrable to other areas of medicine. This programme is delivered by world-class cancer researchers and clinicians and includes a variety of teaching methods and assessments. 

The below are the module choices:

Module CodeModule TitleCreditsCore/OptionalTerm
CINS0008Cancer Medicine in Society15CoreT1
CINS0009Cancer Biology and Therapeutics15CoreT1
CINS0010Clinical Cancer: from epidemiology to diagnosis to treatment15CoreT1
CINS0011Cancer Biomedicine Research Project30Core T1-3
CINS0014Precision Cancer Medicine15CoreT2
CINS0015Cancer Clinical Trials – Undergraduate15Core T2
CINS0012Paediatric and Young Adult Cancer: Basic Research and Clinical Applications15OptionalT2
CINS0013Nutrition and Cancer Treatments15OptionalT3
SURG0207Stem Cell Therapies15OptionalT2
SURG0208Nanotechnology in Medicine15OptionalT1
MEDC0026The Biomedical Entrepreneur15Optional T2
MEDC0027The Human Microbiome in Health and Disease15OptionalT1

All students will undertake a unique research project which is laboratory or in a minority of cases literature based in one of the world-class laboratories based in the UCL Cancer Institute. Projects undertaken by previous BSc and MSc students have lead to publications and presentations at national and international conferences. 


Applications are accepted from external universities as well as internal UCL MBBS students.

UCL medical students

  • Entry requirements: The successful completion of pre-clinical MBBS year 2.
  • How to apply: All MBBS students are required to complete an application form which will be available on Moodle

Information and application for UCL MBBS students 

External medical students

UCL Admissions accepts applications from external students for a limited period. Applications submitted after the deadline may still be considered subject to programme availability. View UCL eligibility criteria and application guidance for iBSc courses. 

Information and application for external medical students